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Gun Control Issues across the country

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1 Gun Control Issues across the country on Tue Apr 28, 2015 12:23 am


Today, I, the Senator of Texas, will discuss the situation concerning gun control. Now imagine yourself where you were forced to fight someone who has mastered martial arts. Will you have the power to beat him? You will not. Martial arts is also a type of weapon that can kill people. Can the government ban martial arts? No they cannot.

Now how does this relate to gun control? Well, there are tons of weapon that can kill people, that is legally being used by people everyday, so why are guns one of weapons that can kill people being under government control?

Many people here today, has heard extremely sad stories all over the country concerning the death of many young kids with bright future because of guns, but by simply making guns harder to achieve won’t fix the issue.

It requires more thought put into this. Now imagine yourself in a classroom. Suddenly there was an announcement of an unknown person in school with a gun. How will you feel? Probably scared, or even despair as there are no weapon to fight the gunner back. What can you do with a pencil and eraser? Nothing. The kids who died in those shooting have probably wanted a weapon to fight back the gunners, because by the time when police comes, it is too late. Many lives would have been lost. Is the government telling us to be victims of lack of security?

Now, I present to you the solutions for fixing these problems in the state of Texas. The solution to fix the problem in the state is to allow people with guns to be present in schools. This will mean, there will be someone to fight back against the radicals. People won’t be scared to death by hearing the same announcement again.

Now I shall take my leave. Leave to see the bright smiles of kids even on the worst situation possible.


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